Sunday, 11 September 2016

Eggless Chocochip Choco Cupcakes With Chocolate Buttercream Frosting..!!!

My daughter is a fanatical chocolate lover. Be it an ice-cream, cake or dessert her mind and tastebuds always revolve around chocolate. Since her very tender age she does not even want to try any flavor other than that. Therefore, making chocolate cakes at home is one of my unvarying works. Mostly I make cakes with eggs but this time my wanderlust mind asks me to go eggless. So this time I made Choco-chip cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting without using eggs. The outcome was fantastic and wholly loved by her and her friends.
Here is how to make it:


                            :For the Cup Cakes:

  1. All Purpose Flour ( I used self raising flour, will be available in supermarkets): 1 Cup
  2. Granulated Sugar: 1  Cup (  I used 1 1/2 Cup as it was in powdered form)
  3. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder: 1/3 Cup
  4. Baking Powder: 1 tsp.
  5. Baking Soda: 1/4 tsp.
  6. Salt: Just a pinch
  7. Oil: ½ Cup
  8. Water: 1 Cup
  9. Distilled Vinegar: 1 tbsp.
  10. Vanilla Extract: 1 tsp.
  11. Choco Chips: A handful.

              : For Butter Cream Chocolate Frosting: 

  1. Unsweetened Chocolate : 125 gm.
  2. Butter: 2/3 Cup (preferably unsalted version, and the butter should be kept at room temperature for sure)
  3. Confectionary / Icing Sugar: 1 ½ Cup
  4. Vanilla Essence: 1 ½ tsp.


                                   Making Cup Cakes

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F or 180 degrees C for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Prepare your cupcake baking tray with the cupcake liners. If you don’t have cupcake liners then grease it with little butter.
  3. Take a bowl and sieve all the dry ingredients together i.e. flour, cocoa powder, sugar, salt, baking powder & baking soda. Mix them well.
  4. Take an another bowl and add the liquid ingredients together i.e. water, oil , vanilla extract and the vinegar.
  5. Then pour the liquid ingredients slowly and gradually into the dry ingredients and mix well. But remember not to over mix them.
  6. Now pour the batter into the cupcake liners carefully and fill each other cupcakes liners only up to 2/3 rd.
  7. Sprinkle few chocochips on the top.
  8. Now bake them in the preheated oven for 20-22 minutes. Time of the baking may vary according to the power of the ovens. Once done insert a toothpick to check whether it comes out clean or not. If it comes out clean then your cakes are ready.
  9. Let them cool in the baking pan for few minutes. Then remove the cupcakes from the pan and let it cool completely.

                                   Making Frosting:

  1. I melted the chocolate using the double boiler method. For this you have to take a sauce pan filled with about an inch of water, bring it to boil. Put a heatproof bowl on top . Add the chopped chocolate into the top bowl. Let it melt with stirring constantly. Soon the chocolate will be melted. Now let the melted chocolate come to the room temperature and make it cool completely.
  2. The melted chocolate must be cooled down. Otherwise the frosting will be very runny and you couldn’t able to frost.
  3. Now take a bowl, put the room temperature butter and using a electric mixer mix it till it becomes soft and fluffy.
  4. Add the icing sugar into it and mix it very well to get a smooth and creamy batter.
  5. Add the vanilla extract whisk it.
  6. Then add the cooled and melted chocolate and whisk it again at high speed to get a very nice soft, smooth, fluffy and creamy frosting.
  7. Now put them into the piping bags and frost them on the top of the completely cooled cupcakes (don’t frost when the cupcakes are hot or warm, frosting will be runny in this way) and decorate according to your choice.

                                                                      Enjoy Your Food..!!