Saturday, 26 January 2013

Kesariya Rasogolla...!!!


Like all other bengali people,I just love  to eat rasogolla to celebrate my every occasion,every special moment.And by the way,why am I writing only about the bengali people,I know very well even all the non bengalis also love to eat it.But here,in Mumbai,my experience of getting sweets is literally bad.They charge lot more than the usual price and yet the taste is not at all good,especially in case of rasogolla ,rasomalai etc.

Though I have a high chance of being Diabetic in my later life period due to my family history and our house physician  uncle used to warn me repeatedly but sometimes I just cant get rid of my "Sweet Tooth".What can  I do,bengali sweets are so good in taste that anybody can become addicted to it easily.:D

But here in Mumbai, Bengali sweets are not very easily available or what you get here are not so good as in Bengal. This is the reason for which I tried to start making sweets at home. This time I made rasogolla with the flavour of saffron. I must say, it is not less than any store bought rasogolla and even it can beat the taste of any famous sweet shop. Please don't think that I am praising myself  , try it once at home and you will also start  to love it.

The recipe of Saffron Rasogolla is as follows.


  • Full Cream Milk(I used full cream milk but low fat milk will be perfect too):1 lt
  • Vinegar:2 table spoon
  • Saffron:2-3 pinch(soaked them in a table spoon of warm milk)
  • Water:4 1/2 Cups
  • Sugar:1 1/2


  • Boil the milk at low temperature.
  • While boiling add the vinegar and stir it .
  • Your milk will start to curdle and chena(chhana) will be formed after few minutes.
  • When you will see a greenish diluted water which is easily separating  from chena,then it's done. 
  • Now using a muslin cloth drain the water and wash the chena under the running tap water .If you are using lime juice to prepare chena,this wash will remove all the lemony taste or smell.
  • Now tied the two ends of the muslin cloth tightly and let it drain all the excess water for atleast 15-20 minutes.And at this time you may put a heavy weight on thr muslin cloth for better draining.

  • Now mash the chena using your palm on the kitchen slab or cuttlery board till it’s very smooth and creamy and  has absolutely no lumps.
  • Remeber the mashing chena is the most important step of making rasogolla because the quality of this sweet depends on its smoothness ,sponginess.

  • Add the Saffron milk while mashing the chena.
  • The chena will turn into lovely yellow(saffron)color and the smell will be wonderful also.

  • Now Divide the chena into equal parts. With your palm  give them nice and even ball shape
  • The balls should have no cracks otherwise it may break off during boiling
  • .It makes about 10 pieces of rasogolla of equal sizes.
  • Keep one thing in mind that these ball will be double in size after boiling in sugar syrup.So prepare the balls in that respect.
  •  Now make  sugar syrup using the sugar and water in the exact quantity mentioned. The syrup should not be thick and will be on the thinner side. This is very important.

  • Then add the prepared balls in this syrup,cover it tightly with a lid and let it boil for 20 -25 mins.

  • As the rasogollas  will be almost double in size after boiling ,choose a boiling pan of a big size so that after increased in size they can easily play around in the sugar syrup.

  • Now remove the pan from heat.
  • Your Rasgulla is ready.
  • Serve it hot or chilled. 

                                          Enjoy Your Food...!!!



  1. just now am trying this.hope it will come out nicely :) thnk u soo much.

  2. I have tried out another variant which also came out very well. U can try that out. Mix 1 tsp of rose essence and 1/2 tsp of red food color to the chhena and mash them well. Follow the same process afterwards and u'll get rose flavored red roshogollas. i had named them Gulabi Rosgulle!

    1. Wow...lovely idea...I will try it definitely and let you know the feedback very soon..thank you so so much Santanu da...