Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Strawberry Souffle...!!!

                           Quick  Strawberry Souffle!!!

Before trying this preparation,actually I didnt have any idea about this.Though sometimes I heard about this and used to think that it might be a very difficult one and it's beyond my capacity.But it's look is so good ,that I many times thought to prepare it for my daughter.

 Few Days ago,in a food channel,I watched this recipe.It was Sanjeev Kapoor's Khana Khajana,and surprisingly I saw that this recipe is just nothing and with  only one or two easy steps anybody can make it.For this only few essential ingredients are required.

Immeadiately bought all of them and tried once.As this is a strawberry season, I prepared Straberry souffle.But with other fruits you can also try,only except Pine Apple,Kiwi,Watermelon etc,because those fruits contain large amount of water and therefore souffle will not set.

Here is the recipe:


Condensed Milk: 1 tin
Strawberry Crush: 4 Table spoon
Strawberry Gelly Crystals:1 packet
Fresh Mint leaves.
Silicon Moulds/Glass bowls.


For Strawberry Crush:

 In a mixer grinder add 1 cup of powdered sugar,1 cup of water and 10-12 chopped strawberry and blend it well.Pour it in a bowl and keep aside.

For Souffle:

  • Now take a big bowl and add the condensed Milk.
  • Take an another large bowl and add some hot boiling water and then add the whole packet of strawberry jelly crystals and mix very well with a spoon or stirer.(Insturctions are written on the backside of the packet).
  • Then pour this mixture into the condensed milk and whisk it contineously so that it can be mixed properly with the condensed milk and no lump can be formed.
  • You dont need to add sugar as the condensed milk,itself has lots of sugar.
  • Now add four table spoon of stawberry crush into it.
  • Then pour this mixture in each of your silicon moulds or glass bowls.
  • Put them in a plate and keep inside the refrigerator atleast for 6-7 hrs (dont worry,if it takes few more hours) so that the mixture can transformed into souffle.

  • When the souffle will set,unmould  it carefully.
  • To unmould loosen edges of the souffle or flan from the moulds with the tip of a knife.
  • Top with plate and invert plate and mould. 
  • Serve it with some mint leaves and eat immediately before they melt.
  • No need to tell that it's superb in taste and my daughter enjoyed it very much.

                                 Enjoy Your Food..!!!


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