Friday, 25 April 2014

Baked Rasogolla (Baked Puffed Cheese Balls) ... Bhapa Rasogolla...!! A Low Calorie Version of the Famous Bengali Dessert...!!!

The other day , I was hopping to few of my favorite blogs which I follow on a regular basis. On "My Saffron's Kitchen's blog", a recipe attracted me very much and I immediately wanted to give that a try.But I hold myself for sometime and thought of preparing that for my weekend guests. Then after a week or so I opened her blog again and made Baked Rasogolla for my evening guests. It's nevertheless to write that I got so much appreciation from my guests,for this dessert that I had started feel like I was lifted up to Cloud Nine... Lol...
Though I made few changes of her recipe while making these ,still I am really really thankful to Arundhuti ( Owner of My Saffron Kitchen) for helping me to learn such wonderful low calorie version of the famous Bengali sweet.

Here is the process for you all....


  • Rasogolla: 10 pc.
  • Paneer( Cottage Cheese) :  200 gm Crumbled
  • Condensed Milk : 2 tbsp.
  • Sugar/ Jaggery / or any Sugar Substitute:1/4 th to 1/2 Cup but be very careful if you are using sugar substitute as the intensity of sweetness is very high in those. In that case only few drops of zero calorie liquid  sweetener or just few pinches are enough I think.
  • Whole Milk: 1 Cup
  • Saffron : A Few strands only
  • Cardamom Powder:1/4 th tsp.


  • At first squeeze the rasogolla very carefully to remove or drain out the sweet syrup from it and soak them in a large bowl with full of water for atleast 15 minutes. Make sure that all the rasogollas are just covered with the water.
  • Now repeat the same process again. I mean after 15 minutes squeeze the water again and soak them in some fresh water for 15 minutes to 30 minutes.It will help to remove the last amount of sugar syrup remained inside the rasogolla.
  • Now preheat your oven at 180 -200 degree centigrade.
  • Put the crumble paneer, whole milk, saffron, cardamom powder,sugar( jaggery or sweetener) and the condensed milk in a blender and mix thoroughly until it becomes very smooth.
  • Now take a oven proof bowl and make a nice layer of the paneer and milk mixture and arrange your rasogolla on it carefully and nicely.Spread the remaining paneer mixture on top very smoothly and cover it with an aluminium foil.
  • Bake it for 20-25 minutes in the preheated oven or until a nice red brown color comes .
  • Serve hot or chilled . You may garnish it with chopped dry fruits like cashews or pistachios.
  • Trust me, it tastes heavenly.

                                                Enjoy Your Food..!!

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