Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Makhmali Prawns...A Sunday Special Comfort Food..!!

          Makhmali Prawns..... A Weekend Indulgence...!!!

I am quite sure that the name "Makhmali Prawns" is enough to bring water in the mouth of all the prawn lovers.Even I couldnt restrict myself when I saw the recipe and the photo for the first time at the food page of one of my very good friend Tanushri ,who as a blogger,as a chef,undoubtedly amazing.She called it Silky Shrimp and yes it's a perfect name because of it's smoothness.But I would like to add an another name,Makhmali Prawns.

This is a very easy preparation but wonderful in taste.Using very few usual ingredients a very rich,creamy,flavoursome preparation will be prepared in a very short period of time which could be enjoyed with anything,either with plain steamed rice,pulao,fried rice or with roti or paratha.

Here is the recipe:


    1. Medium sized prawns          :250gm (cleaned,peeled,deveined) 
    2. Onions                                   : 2 medium size ( finely chopped)
    3. Ginger paste                           : 1/2 tea spoon
    4. Garlic paste                            : 1/2 tea spoon
    5. Fenugreek powder                 : 1 tea spoon
    6. Chilli flakes                           :As per your choice(I used 1/2 teaspoon) 
    7. Garam mashala powder         :1/2 tea spoon
    8. Salt to taste
    9. Heavy Fresh cream                :1-1 1/2 cup
    10. Water                                      :3/4 th cup 
    11. Butter or white oil                   :2 table spoon


Marinated Prawns with Salt

                                                                     Methi Powder...!!

  1. Marinate the cleaned and deveined prawns with little salt(dont add turmeric powder) and keep aside.
  2. Grind methi to make a smooth powder.It will give an  extra flavour to your gravy.
  3. Heat butter(oil may be used also) in a kadai or thick bottomed vessel and add the chopped onion to it.
  4. Fry  until the onions become soft and dry.
  5. But dont overcook them and try to fry them in low flame so that the color cant be turn brown beause even the onions become little more brown the color of the gravy will be changed and they may give a bitter taste also.
  6. Then add the ginger and the garlic paste accordingly and stir well.
  7. Now it's the time for adding the fenugreek powder,so add it.
  8. Then add garam masala powder ,the chilli flakes and the salt respectively.
  9. Add the marinated prawns and mix it. 
  10. Pour the  cream to the kadai along with the water.
  11. Cover it and cook in a very low heat but be careful  so that the cream could not stick  to the bottom of the pan.
  12. After few minutes,when the prawns become soft increase the heat slightly to make a thick gravy but dont make it too dry.
  13. This gravy will be very smooth ,soft and rich.
  14. Turn off the heat and serve.

                                            Enjoy Your Food...!!!

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