Saturday, 6 April 2013

Goalondo Chicken Curry...!!



I don't know how many times I will give thank to the social networking sites for giving me the chance to connect with the people who share the same passion like me. Each and every time I  learn something new from them.This time a completely untested and untried recipe has become one of  my most  favourite ones.  Goalondo Chicken Curry( Steamer Curry)...!!!!  I never even heard the name before. First time I saw it when two of my friends  had posted it in a cooking community. It was looking very tempting. When I read the recipe I found there was nothing very difficult in it rather it is a very simple and easy chicken preparation. But they mentioned very confidently in their recipes that it was a real wonder.

 With loads of confusion I prepared this and it turned out extremely good. But till then, I couldn't understand the connection between the name and the process of making of this dish. So asked DD (my hubby) if he had any idea about this but alas.! In  today's life, when some question keep on bugging you in your mind and you could not get the answer, we always refer to our biggest and closest friend "GOOGLE"  to quench our thirst of knowledge..! After a quick net surfing  I  found that it is a special chicken curry (gravy dish) made of fresh chicken and basic spices. Muslim boatmen, plying boats along the riverine bengal-assam border of India (when the country was a British colony), used to make this dish. The boatment would take time off to cook a meal for themselves in the middle of the river journey and gradually it became popular with the passengers too.

But today I have got a different genesis of this term Goalando Chicken Curry,from Swapan Bose,( Not only a facebook friend of mine he is like my elder brother as well as an extreme food lover and  a wonderful cook by passion).According to him,

"Goalanda is not in Bengal Assam border .... it is on the bank of river Padma ..... Calcutta - Dhaka train journey used to have a break at Goalanda ghaat ... Padma used to be crossed by steamer and then on the other side, at Narayangunj, catch the train again .... during the waiting time at Goalanda ghat, people used to have the fresh chicken curry ....

  Swapan dada, sent me an image also of 
 Goalondo Ghat . I just don't have enough words to show my gratitude to him.

Moreover ,today I came to know the person who actually first shared this amazing recipe. Purna Chowdhury,Purna didi who not only has an amazing personality, but also she is an extremely good cook .Besides she has a very vast knowledge about different cuisine.

Here is the Recipe:


  • Chicken: 600-750 gram
  • Onions: 6-7 coarsely chopped
  • Garlic: coarsely chopped: 3 tbs
  • Ginger: coarsely chopped 2 tbs
  • Turmeric Powder: 1 tsp
  • Red chillies:2( as per your need) roughly chopped (no chilli powder)
  • Salt to taste
  • Mustard oil: 4-5 tbs


  • Marinate the chicken with all of the above for about 30 minutes.
  • Put it in a pan/pressure cooker.
  • Sauté for about five minutes.
  • Then cook on low heat, covered.
  • No water, no souring agent is required.
                It is a true wonder!!!

                         Enjoy Your Food...!!


  1. This is an excellent recipe and enjoyed reading the genesis of this recipe. Thanks

  2. Although I have posted quite a similar recipe on my blog, it is not the authentic Goalondo recipe. The real one, which btw was taught to me by my Grandmother, was very hot and very runny in consistency, and have a bit of shrimp paste in it. Recently I was conversing with a food historian who provided me with a much better recipe.

  3. Poorna,I know very well from where you got your previous recipe...and it has become now one of the most popular and most wanted recipe everywhere.... I don't want to confront you by any way...but I cant believe that goalondo chicken was prepared in that way, you described and that is the authentic recipe...because I came to know about it from very authentic sources( and it's more than one), you enjoy your goalondo chicken in your way and let us enjoy in our way...but I am not ready to accept that it's not an authentic recipe.... that's all...

  4. oooooooo................excellent.................