Monday, 8 April 2013

Mumbai Special Street Pizza..!!

     Mumbai Special Street Pizza...!!!

It's true that  in today's life we are very much health conscious. But Street Foods are something which always allure us in everyway. Mumbai Special Street foods are generally Pav Bhaji,Bada Pav ,Pani puri , etc . etc. But I was really surprised when for the first time I saw this special type of Street Pizza shop in a nearby market, and the tremendous crowd surrounding it . First few days we avoided , thinking of that, it must be a very unhealthy one. But one day , out of curiosity we tasted it .OMG..!!! it's so good I cant explain. That day I understood why always there is a crowd surrounding the little cart. The Old Man with his two little boys sometimes just becomes exhausted to execute the process of making and sell those pizzas.

So many times I thought of clicking a photo of that shop  but forgot. At this moment while writing about them I am really missing a photo .I just want to show you for once the crowd and the craziness of the people for such an unusual street food. Anyway ,sometime  I must share a photo with you. Now whenever we go to that place just for a outing or shopping we  buy a small pizza from them My daughter also likes it. I use to request the little boys to make it little less spicy so that she can eat it. They try their best to use fresh vegetables and good cheese to make those pizzas.

Day before yesterday, when I was buying something from the bakery section of a grocery store,suddenly looked at those pizza bases and an idea clicked on my mind. I bought the pizza dough and tried to make a street pizza like him for breakfast. But honestly it was not so good like him or I couldn't bring the exact taste ,but it's worth trying  at least  for once I think.

The whole process is very simple. They use store bought small size pizza base to make this and make a homemade chutney type sauce to spread over the dough first,then add different vegetables on it,specially thinly chopped cabbage,onions and carrots and then grate good amount of cheese on it .Next on very big tawa, place the pizza and on very high flame cook the both sides well wih butter.Finally grate some more cheese on it and with a chatpata chutney serve.

I have made it almost in a similar way.Here is the process:


  • Small Size Pizza Base: 2
  • Organic Cabbage: 1 Cup chopped
  • Onion:1 medium( Chopped)
  • Red,Green,Yellow Bell Pepper: 1/2 cup(chopped)
  • Cheese: Any type( I used Cheddar)
  • Green Olives: 4-5(Chopped)
  • Salt/Pepper/Chilli flakes/pizaa seasoning:As per Taste
  • Pizza Spread/ Tomato Ketchup: 2 tbsp.
  • Olive Oil: For Frying


  • At First Chopped all the vegetables.
  • Take the Pizza base and spread some tomato ketchup/pizza sauce on it.
  • Place all your desired vegetables on the base and sprinkle very little salt and pepper.
  • Now heat a pan with little olive oil on it.
  • Place the base on the pan and carefully cook its both sides well.
  • Or preheat your oven at 180-200 degree centigrade and bake  for 10-15 minutes until the cheese melts.
  • Sprinkle the seasoning and serve with your favourite juice.


                                                     Enjoy Your Food..!!


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