Saturday, 13 April 2013

Kanchagolla...The Famous Bengali Sweet..!!

Kanchagolla is a traditional sweet of Bengal. It's very easy to make yet tastes delicious. This time I was inspired by one of my sweetest friend, Juin di's  post and wanted to follow her process to make this. But while making it day before yesterday, I modified it little and when served it as dessert after dinner, DD gave me the best compliment saying, one of the best kanchagolla he has ever tasted.

Anyway, here is the recipe:


Full Cream/Low fat Milk: 1 lit
Vinegar:2 tbsp.
Powder Sugar:1/2 cup(or as much as you want)
Rose water:2-3 drops
Powder Milk:1 Cup
Milk: 2-3 table spoon .


How to make Chena:
    • Boil the milk at low temperature.
    • While boiling add the vinegar and stir it .
    • Your milk will start to curdle and chena (chhana) will be formed after few minutes.
    • When you will see a greenish diluted water which is easily separating from chena, then it's done.
    • Now using a muslin cloth drain the water and wash the chena under the running tap water .If you are using lime juice to prepare chena, this wash will remove all the lemony taste or smell.
    • Now tied the two ends of the muslin cloth tightly and let it drain all the excess water for at least 15-20 minutes. And at this time you may put a heavy weight on the muslin cloth for better draining.

How to Make Khoya/Mawa:
  • Now make the mawa/khoya. I used to prepare it Take  1 cup of powdered milk.
  • Add  2-3 table spoon of milk into it.
  • Make a dough and heat it at full power in the microwave oven only for 1-2 mins or even more to get the desired tightness. But give an extra care while microwaving to make sure that it don't get burnt.
  • Then grate it to get dry mawa.

How to Make Kancha Golla:

  • Now mash the chena very well on the kitchen slab using your hand or you may use a food processor also.
  • Then place a non stick pan on the oven and heat it little.
  • Add the chena and continuously stir it so that it could not be burnt.
  • Add the sugar and then stir it again so that the chena  will mix with the sugar very well.
  • Turn off the flame and add the rose essence. Then mash it again smoothly using a food processor or with hand.
  • Make even round balls from the chena while it is warm.
  • Roll the balls over the grated mawa.
  • Now your Kanchagolla is ready to serve.

                                    Enjoy Your Food...!!!

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